“Oh today I am the happiest person on this earth , I have seen the face of my son after

a Gap of long two years.  I have spent 15 minutes with my son in a court room.”

These are the words of a father who is fighting the visitation rights of his own children’s  from  his wife who is  presently holds the custody of his child from the last two years . His son told his father that  ‘papa mom said that don’t take any thing from your dad’.  His wife deliberately killing the emotions of a father and giving him a slow death. His wife deliberately keeps his son away from his father because now the couples are not in a talking terms with each other and fighting the long unending divorce proceedings in Indian courts and the clever wife always know how to take the advantage of biased and highly sensitive judiciary towards the wifes in family litigation cases.

Why  this father is happy about seeing the face of his son? Does he is mad or not in his senses- definitely every common humanbeing did not have the heart to realize the happiness of this father. The world in which this father lives is totally different from  ours world. he only dreams about his son in his every breath, at the place of his work , at his free time, and 24hours,365days due to reasons best  known to any father only.

A major question arrises –the father is a MALE and  does it means that he has lost the god given right of love, effection and emotion  towards his childrens  , if the answer is ‘no’ then why are the judiciary  are heartless towards the realization of the feeling of the emotions of the  fathers.  I hope readers  please share your views about that why not the natural right of a father is kept safe in a Indian society or in every society to meet their childrens easily without any obstructions or permissions from anyone on this earth when some conflicts arrises between the spouces. Does’t  fathers  deserve the love and effection of their childrens in return  from their childrens.

all problem arises when some conflicts arrises between the husband and wife then if wife takes the route of law then the child custody will be goverened by the wife till the end of all conflicts /litigations and specifically judiciary  is very sensitive to this issue also and highly biased towards the wife . judiciary always gives a child custody to the wife irrespective considering any factor and on the same time husband is used only for paying the money to a wife in terms of a maintenance . even after payment made done in maintenance cases fathers   are  not given a visitation rights to their childrens. Fathers are always meant for generating money and always assumes as robots andfathers  are assumed as the emotion less creature on this earth specially in india .nobody bother about the pain of the father through which any father is going on when a father  is forcefully kept away from their childrens by their wifes and the judiciary.

Father may not be always considered as the emotionless creatures. Fathers protects their childrens from all the evils of the society, protection cannot be realized in Indian society without the presence of a male member in a family and this is a harsh reality which no body dare to decline the fact. But think about the hardwork consumed behind the protection provided to their childrens and to the other family members also.  why not that sacrifice is not considered by the judiciary and the society at the time of  dealing with the child custody litigations.

Father  is witness of each and every day of growth of their children which he nurtures with his hard work and with his whole life,  he  makes dream for their childrens of  let they become adults When a father sacrifices his all interests of him self just for the bringingup and for the benefits of his childrens and later found that his all sacrifices has gone into vain then this  father is feel  shatered and  feel  isolated and lonely on this earth .

Society is also a heartless towards the feeling of the fathers and not supportive to their cause of equal parental rights in child custody.


In this circumstances there seems to be some examples where fathers become a violent and unwillingly becomes a criminal due to regular supprestion of their fathersrights . so there is immense need is required from the judiciary and the society to understand the emotional feelings of the fathers towards their childrens just to avoid unnecessary formations of fathers as a criminals.so securing the fathers right is very important if we wwanta ideal society. Although fathers are the part of any society.

Amendment in custody rights is required  and change in family laws is also a need of the time so that fathers can feel that they are not forcefully kept  away from their childrens by their wifes and the judiciary.


Author: admingp

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