December 26 ,THE DAY OF MARTYRDOM of great three figures of the sikh religion will be always remembered, the martyrdom of three of the most loved figures of the SIKH RELIGION. On this darkest of days, their youngest heroes SahibzadaFateh Singh (1699-1705) who was the youngest of Guru Gobind Singh’s four sons, SahibzadaZorawar Singh (1696-1705), his elder brother and Mata Gujar Kaur ji, his grandmother sacrificed their lives for their faith and the right to remain Sikhs.

On 26 December 1705, Fateh Singh and his elder brother, Zorawar Singh were martyred at Sirhind. Fateh Singh is probably the youngest recorded martyr in history who knowingly laid down his life at the very tender age of 6 years. SahibzadaFateh Singh and his older brother, SahibzadaZorawar Singh are among the most hallowed martyrs in Sikhism.
The mind boggles to understand how children of such young age had the guts, courage, bravery and focus to refuse the promise of many lavish gifts and a future of cosy comforts of royalty that were being offered by the Mughals. All they had to do to get all these luxuries was to abandon their religion. This young child was asked to weigh an easy out against the stark option of a brutal, painful and tragic death entombed within a wall of bricks and cement.

GurdwaraFatehgarh Sahib which is situated 5 km north of Sirhind marks the sad site of their execution at the behest of Wazir Khan of Kunjpura, the faujdar of Sirhind. The three shrines exist within this Gurdwara complex to mark the exact spot where these tragic events were witnessed in 1705 on 26december.

As soon as the two Sahibzadas attained martyrdom, Mata Gujriji, who was sitting in meditation in the tower, breathed her last
There is no parallel to the martyrdom of such young boys in the annals of human history. SahibzadaFateh Singh was less than six years old (born 1699) and SahibzadaZorawar Singh was just over eight (born in 1696). At such a tender age, they were bricked alive but did not bow before the tyranny and cruelty of the Mughal government

When the two Sahibzadas was produced before theNawabwazir khan , they greeted the courtiers with the Sikh salutation — WahgurujikaKhalsa, WahgurujikiFateh “The Khalsa is God’s own Victory be to God” The court resounded with their greeting. All the courtiers were greatly impressed by their fearless behaviour. Dressed in saffron shirts with Kirpans worn round their wrists, the Sahibzadas looked very sweet. NawabWazir Khan addressed them in an affectionate tone: “What sweet and brave faces! Islam will be proud to have you within its fold. Just recite Kalma (Muslim benediction) and we shall welcome you in our midst. You will get anything for the asking” But both the chotesahebjade prefers sacrificing their life then to accept any offer .

So 26 December always motivates and inspires all human being to live with courage and dignity due to the martyrdom of the chotesahebjadefatehsingh and sahibjadezorawarsingh and the martyrdom of matagujriji.

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