IMD- international men’s day, a single dayfrom 365 day is dedicated to the men’s ,to pay respect, dignity and gratitude for men’s contribution to the world. This fact is non challengeable that men’s have changethis world for better.


Ironically in today scenario men’s identity as husband, father in law, brother in law, men as a co employee has come now in a danger area. And the reasons for that are numerous, few of them are biased women’s laws, greed, insensitive to men’s issues, nonacceptance of the society that men’s are not made of steel so that the men’s also need love, care and respect also, but unfortunately these atrocities are regularly going on the men’s –the half world.

Some crime data reveals that majority of the rape allegations ,molestation allegations, dowry allegations and sexual harassment allegations are found to be false and fabricated these figures are so much increasing day by day that now the numerous men’s welfare organization comes into effect with  very fast pace with a motive that they want and demand the separate ministry for men’s i.e“MINISTRY FOR MEN”, these organizations care for the protection of men’s in present legal biased scenario and no doubt these men’s welfare organizations are doing so much great work that men’s feel protected under these men’s welfare organizations umbrella.

On the 19-Nov 2017 some men’s welfare organizations organizes marathon dedicated for the men’s issues, bike and car rally for expressingunity and service to the men’s welfare across the nation, this shows that now the men’s also need protection, love, respect and gratitude from the society.

Men’s are made of steel what a great illusion don’t know how and when this illusion get started and for what reasons from medieval era to the today’s technology world men’s are equally effected by the crimes as the women’s effected. But ironically crimes against the men’s have no buyers in the society.

Does the criminals do the crimes with intention to harm the women’s only ,doesnot the  criminals murdered the men,robbed the men’s,  harasses the men if the answer is in no then why the society did not accept that men also get hurted, feels pain with these crimes,does’t the any war  affects the men’s kills the men’s at the first place, does not the men love their families, children’s, parents, relative, wife, if the answer is in no then this world was gone to the ashes much before now but the reality is that men love their family ,respect each relation of his life.

Men’s are also get hurted, cheated, murdered on every day at every corner of the world but ironically no body hears the screaming of the men’s no body buy that logic because world live in a great illusion that men’s are made of steel, in fact movie dialog are also reflects that “mardkodardnaihota”, world is insensitive to the men’s issues and their pain.


Let’s talk about a  particular scenario where a dowry complaint is fired by a women on her husband- a men, instantly in a click on receiving the complaint even on phone the investigation agencies will try to put that men behind the bar and that would be the first and primary motive of these investigation agencies and they put that men behind the barat the first thought as early as possible without even going into the reality of the allegations fired on that men, from here the exploitation and pain get started for the next eight to ten years till that men get acquitted from that false allegations,in between these eight to ten years that men lost all his relations, lost all finances, loses all his dignity,honour, prestige, reputation but no body cares for that, also that men has been boycotted by the society, friends, relatives, co employees, now this men has to live the remaining life as a lonely person who is already living his life as a lonely person due to that false dowry cases but ironically no body cares, no buyer is available for his pain. Because men’s are made of steel let him live with that pain independently and lonely. Does this is the faith of the men- the half world deserves who loves his family, respects every relation of his life, does this is judicious? No body realizes the pain of this men except that men himself. So men is lonely creature made by the society not by the nature.

Another scenario is the strucking of the 46 nurses in Tikrit, IRAQ in 2014 when war was going on with the ISIS and at the same time  39 men’s are also get struck there in IRAQin the city of Mosul in the same year of 2014. The govt has put the massive efforts to get the 46 nurses back, no doubt the lives of these nurses are precious but the govt. and the society has forgotten that 39 men’s which are not came back till 2017 even no body knows any single clue regarding whether they are alive or not or where they are. No body cares, not any govt. not any society, nobody because every one is living in a illusion that men’s are made of steel so that 39 men’s will take care of themselves independently in all situation’s even during war also –it’s a great illusion men are made of steel-illusion made by the society not by the nature.

Men’s the half world also need and demands love respect gratitude dignity respect which they deserve so celebrate international men’s day-19 Nov 2017.



Author: admingp

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