Children’s and youths are the back bone of any nation, so every nation must have the responsibility for their children’s and the youths. And the countries who are accepting this fact are more harmonious nations.

Ironically, INDIA has some serious issues related with children’s and the youths, school dropout rate, children’s suicide rate, literacy rate are some of the challenges which our nationfaces from time to time but now these are  the peak issue. At present nearly 60 percent of country population is the youth, half of the country’s population of 1.25 billion peoples is under 25 years of the age.According to the census of 2011 data 41 percent of India population is below the age of 20 years. So these majority 41 percent population of youths deserves the fundamental right of education. In this scenario these youths required basic requirement of education,employment,health benefits, and financial security.Only 4.5 per cent of the population in the country is educated up to the level of graduation or above According to the census data for 2011 on literacy, workers and educational levels, released by the Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India, literate population who are presently attending any educational institution in the country, below primary occupies the major share of 32.6 per cent.

This data is seriouslybecomes a bombarding one day if adequate steps has not been taken to fulfill the demands of these 41 percent youths. Only govt. initiative is not adequate in India because politics has the priority in the all Govt. decisions during any tenure of any political party rather than prioritizing the basic education to the 41 percent the availability of quality education to these 41 percent youths can only be met when society and the govt. collectively adopts some majoreducation policies at the war like situation’s.

As according to the UNESCO report of 2015 India faces the teacher shortage for the students, in 2015 one teacher is available for the 31.49 students. This figure explains many things, few of that lack of teacher which is naturally exists when dropout rate are increasing. Some smaller countries has a better PTR ratio than India, few of them are Sri Lanka has23.15, Thailand 16.88, Nepal23.10. Some other leading nation have also a good PTR. US has 14, Germany 12.22, China16.29, Qatar11.63, and Malaysia11.52. The ideal PTR ratio should be in between the 10-20

In this scenario Indian Govt.spending on education of the GDP is 3.65 percent in 2016-17 and this figure is declining when comparing with the previous year’s budgets. US tops the list in spending on education of the GDP and this rate was 5.5 percent of US in 2014. Israel rate is 7.3 percent in 2014 and ranks fifth in the OECD countries.

According to the data of ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), the national school dropout rate at the primary level was 4.34 percent in 2014-15 and it was even higher at the secondary levelat 17.86 percent. That means 18 students in every 100 student passed out in higher secondary don’t join the graduation courses due to different reasons. Some factors responsible for such a high dropout rate are expensive education, poverty,availability, and accessibility etc.

And above all the most heart wrenching fact is that India has the world’s highest suicide rates for the youths aged 15 to 29 in 2012 .In India one student is committing suicide in every hour due to various reasons and some reasons are study pressures,family pressure, physical abuse, mental abuse, unemployment, failures,illness, poor national education policy, inadequate financial and social support structure,not speaking of the problem, are few of them.


So Good Govt.policies,adequate financial and social structure,support of social structure,adequate scientific approach to education, can only stops or prevents the youth suicide rate and it is the responsibility of the nation as a whole to stop the suicides of the backbone of the nation- the youths and support them in providing quality education so that they feel safe secure and protected

This time is high time to support and protect the 41 percent youth population of the nation because if we get fail in doing so then we don’t deserve a better society and we can’t make our country a developed nation and the whole nation has the responsibility to take care of this 41 percent population

G P GLOBAL NEWS is taking a initiative in stopping the suicide rate among the youths, helping in arranging quality education to the youths by starting a nationwide campaign of



Please join us in making this cause a stepping stone in the history of education. A helpline is being started by theG P GLOBAL NEWS for the youthsand any child,parents who feels or required any help in their distress can write to us at







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